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David Bowie at Uncle Floyd Show
Bottom Line, NYC 1981

The Bottom Line is a small club with a walkway separating the front and rear tables. Along that walkway are 2 large support columns that photographers can stand in front of without blocking anyone's view.

Being the only photographer, I had my pick and chose the left column as my base of operations. Before the show started, some BIG guy came over to me and told me I'd have to move.

'No, I don't...........I'm the Uncle Floyd Show photographer.'

'OH YES, YOU DO!', replied The Hulk.


After moving over to the right column, I then saw a small entourage with more guards come in. The guards seated their charge at the table by the left column. It was David Bowie! At an Uncle Floyd Show?

I got a couple of B&W shots off while he signed autographs and saw he was actually wearing an Uncle Floyd button! How on earth is this Brit an Uncle Floyd fan?

After the show, I had to run right over to the Ritz to shoot Jerry Lee Lewis, so I didn't go backstage to see Floyd and cast. Big mistake!

I never in a million years thought there was even a remote possibility that Bowie would go backstage to meet Floyd and the cast, but that's what happened! I'm told Floyd initially didn't know who he was and sought to have him removed, but things got straightened out and they all met.

Bowie was a real fan and knew some of the songs and bits and said he watched the show on TV. The cast was flabbergasted and asked him how he found out about the show. The answer was astounding!

'John Lennon turned me on to it'!

It turns out that during his househusbanding years while he took care of his son, Sean, Lennon discovered the show and told Bowie about it. Bowie, who was starring on Broadway in 'The Elephant Man', used to watch while he was being made-up for hours every day.

Don't believe it? Check out a song on Bowie's 'Heathen' album called 'Slip Away'. It was initially titled 'Uncle Floyd' and is all about Uncle Floyd and UFS puppets Oogie and Bones Boy. During interviews on the 'Heathen' tour, Bowie mentioned that he and Iggy Pop and other stars in that crowd, used to run home every day to catch the show!

Who knew?

And if you're reading this, David, this great show is no longer on the air. The tapes are rotting away in storage somewhere and are crying out for a knowledgeable benefactor who cares enough to buy them and do something good with them.

I'm told the Museum of Television and Radio has asked Floyd for tapes for exhibit, but Floyd is reluctant for some reason and hasn't supplied them.

If you love this show, David, save it and give it to the world.

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David Bowie
Madison Square Garden, NYC 1983

I was in the pit for the first 3 songs and we weren't allowed to use a flash. Meanwhile, 2 dozen amateurs with pro setups were flashing away from the front row.

No one seemed to care about flash from behind the barrier, so song #4 saw me switch sides and that's how I got this shot.

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David Bowie
Giants Stadium, E. Rutherford, NJ 1987

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Peter Frampton
David Bowie Tour - Giants Stadium, E. Rutherford, NJ 1987

Peter was a guitarist in Bowie's band.

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Carlos Alomar
David Bowie Tour - Giants Stadium, E. Rutherford, NJ 1987

David's other guitarist.


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